We Work in the Gray Area

Our mission is to help you overcome obstacles and challenges in order to drive new innovations, and implement long-term strategies that best serve your business. With these tailored solutions, you’ll be able to maximize productivity and sustain growth.

We Work in the Gray Area

Our mission is to help you overcome obstacles and challenges in order to drive new innovations and implement long-term strategies that best serve your business. With these tailored solutions, you’ll be able to maximize productivity and sustain growth.
How We Started

With the rise of digital content, new technologies and platforms changing everyday, very little is permanent in the way we run our businesses. These traditional processes are no longer serving the ways we work. What can be changed however, is the way we adapt to solving problems with the right tools, people, and empathy.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Writer and Contributor
Hardeep Gill

Hardeep Gill is a London-bred, NYC-based copywriter, poet, and 'budding' entrepreneur (check out her flower delivery business Blossr.) She has worked with brands like Glossier, Netflix and Tiffany & Co, bringing their products to life with her signature wit and cheek. Hardeep is a regular contributor to Percent Gray, as she knows the best way to balance her creativity and business all comes down to focusing on her zone of genius.

Things You Should Know

Marketing and Operations Associate
Amma Amoa

Amma Amoa is a multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being who has found her work-love at the intersection of creative content, tempering team members with her chill attitude and keeping s*%& organized. Her background in graphic design and copywriting led to naturally transition her career into creative operations where she enjoys applying her creative skills to help members solve problems.

Things You Should Know

Founder and Head of Product
Lauren Espiritu

Lauren started off her career as a photographer, eventually learning that she had a knack for building systems and thriving in highly cross-functional creative environments. Over the last decade, she has helped bridge the gap between creative production, operations, marketing and technology teams in industries ranging from fashion, beauty, television, publications, financial services, and non-profit organizations. Her highly varied experiences always have a common thread: helping people working with creative content to break down complex situations, and provide them with a plan to help them reach their goals.

Things You Should Know

Always down for a new adventure. Has pulled off entire home renovation projects by watching YouTube videos.

Member Ops Lead
Jaime Diehl

Jaime has spent the last 10 years organizing chaos and making things happen across creative and marketing teams in the beauty and fashion industry. Her nerdy love for creative thinking, process and project management has allowed her to develop wide-ranging experience from photoshoot production to project management of website redesigns, social and digital media content, packaging and merchandise, global advertising campaigns, and physical pop up retail spaces. With the mindset of where there’s a will there’s a way, she has helped brands of all sizes strategically develop cross-functional creative processes and implement new systems and tools, so creatives can thrive.

Things You Should Know

Animal channeler and plant seeker. A proud Trekkie. Dressed up as Snow White for the first 5 years of her life.

Culture Ops Lead
Shain Kish

Once Shain realized that his chances of being a Spice Girl were slim to none he pursued his second passion, make-up artistry. Working in tandem as a published MUA and a retail artistry trainer he was able to build his career from the ground up, giving him an all-access perspective. Fast forward to now, Shain is a training and cultural operations expert with over 15 years experience working in retail; specializing in beauty retail, e-commerce, and pop up launch management. With a speciality in training design and forming strong brand culture from start-ups to long standing corporations, Shain prides himself in building omnichannel retail experiences in fast-paced environments.

Things You Should Know

Romantic Comedy connoisseur. Sour Patch Kid junkie. Country raised, city dwelling.

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Problem-solving requires wide skill sets, which we're lucky to have. From members, to our agent network, and the official Percent Gray team, everyone brings their own experience and specialized expertise to the table in order to make things happen for you.

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